Are you living in London and want to increase the space in your house without increasing the footprint? If you have a garage, this is an ideal way of gaining additional living space in your home. 
Moving homes can be expensive and time consuming and rather than paying moving costs, many clients in London are looking at their existing homes and finding creative ways to utilise their existing space. 
There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself at the beginning of the process in order to help you to decide what sort of budget you will need to allocate to your garage conversion. 

Things to ask before you start to plan your garage conversion 

Is the garage currently attached to the house or detached? 
How old is the garage? 
Will the ceiling need to be raised, and can I add in roof lights to improve the lighting in the additional space? 
What is the condition of the walls and floors, will they need additional provisions to bring up to current building control standards? 
Where will the access be from the house and will you want to have direct access to the space from outside? 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting a garage conversion. 

The investment required is less than an extension or loft conversion as you already have the structure in place. 
Depending on your local authority, planning may not be required depending on your permitted development rights, as this should be classified as an internal fit out. 
You are not using any of your garden space as it’s within the current footprint of the house. 
You have the flexibility of using the space for any kind of room, additional kitchen space, another room, i.e. an office, utility or playroom, an additional bedroom and depending on the location of the waste, you could make it ensuite. 
Keeping some of the garage space for storage and creating a new living space at the rear of the garage. 
You will lose your garage space and the storage facility it had become. 
If you live somewhere in London, where parking is at a premium, you are potentially losing a parking space at your home 

Is planning permission required for a garage conversion? 

A garage conversion may not require planning permission, but it’s recommended you check with your local authority, at Revamp London we have a team of experts who will do all this for you. 
Here is the link to the planning portal to double check if your local authority requires planning permission. 
This link will allow you to find the relevant information for all local authorities in West, North West London and South and South West London. 

Is building control required for a garage conversion? 

The LABC website is a great starting point if you wanted to do some research.  
At Revamp we will take away the head aches associated with planning permission and building control, and work with you to ensure you are meeting all the requirements to convert your garage into a habitable room. 
If you are doing research in advance of a garage conversion and decide you would rather not go through the hassle of finding out exactly what is required, contact Revamp London and we take away all the hassle and ensure you comply with the regulations. 

Should you employ an architect or surveyor for a garage conversion? 

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After sitting down to discuss with you and and find out what you want from your bathroom - both in terms of style and functional elements, our design team will then create your bespoke bathroom design. Once complete and when we believe we have the best result for your space, we will present you with a plan for your stylish new bathroom. 

Converting your garage for an elderly parent to move into your home 

Before embarking on your project, check with your local authority to see if there is any financial assistance you may be entitled to. 
If you have to create a space to move and elderly parent home, adding a wet room can add to the cost, but there may be support available, Have a look at the NHS website to find out what support may be available. 
When working with Revamp London this process is made easier as we have a team to guide you who are experts in understand how to use your living space to its fullest capacity. 
To find out more about converting part of your home get in touch today for a free quotation 
Revamp London are the go-to team to get you garage converted, with a reputation in knowing the best use of garage spaces in the London market. 
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